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Welcome to BM Container Depot Limited

BM Container Depot Ltd is a Netherlands-Bangladesh Joint Venture Company located in Chittagong of Bangladesh. Mr. Bert Pronk from Netherlands is the Chairman  & Mr. Mostafizur Rahman of Bangladesh is the Managing Director of the Company. The sponsors of the project are resourceful & experienced businessmen since long & they have proven track records of successfully managing them over the years.

BM Container Depot Ltd is set up as an Inland Container Depot (ICD) which is operating from the beginning  of May  2011 as Export & Import Containerized cargos Stuffing/Unstuffing bonded area approx. 20 km from chittagong Port with all sorts of modern facilities for keeping Export & Import cargos & Empty/Laden Containers.

Modern ICD Machineries/Equipments like Reach Stackers, Empty Handlers, Forklifts, Cranes, Prime Movers, Trailers etc be used to operate the activities inside & outside the ICD. Most of the Machineries/Equipments are being imported from Japan, Sweden, and Srilanka & India as “Brand New”.

By adhering a global standard of an off dock facility, BM Container Depot Ltd will follow advanced security systems & automation in operation to give best service to our valued customers. BM ContainerDepot Ltd is keen to enhance the growing economy of Bangladesh & at the backdrop of it is formulating a mission oriented Inland Container Depot (ICD). Owing to the mission oriented purpose, BM ContainerDepot Ltd is taking adequate care in its security systems, equipments, construction & business arenas etc. Not only that BM Container Depot Ltd will adhere to all compliance requirements as well. This is important to mention that despite Chittagong Port Authority’s (CPA) yard congestion, productivity has been improving day by day after establishment of private depots (Off Dock) for empty stacking, stuffing & de-stuffing facilities.

Customer’s satisfaction would be our prime concern & in response to our customer support, BM Container Depot Ltd is ready to incorporate any new innovation. In the economic growth of Bangladesh, BM Container Depot Ltd is keen to contribute to the optimum & thus help our country reach a new dimension in economic progress.

BM Container Depot Ltd looks forward to working in a harmonious relationship with all the valued Customers & establish itself as one of the finest ICDs in the region. 

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