Mostafizur Rahman , MD


At BMCDL, we offer value added services & we differentiate ourselves by providing personalized and reliable service satisfying the aspirations, goals, and objectives of all our stakeholders.

Our corporate ethos is based on being “A trusted business partner”. We have achieved exemplary customer satisfaction that is a direct result of our commitment to offer service delivery based on responsiveness, delivery precision, and continuous improvement.

We are committed to creating and sustaining a culture of improvement. This culture is the basis for the integrity of its operations and business activities. Due consideration to the health, safety and security of our personnel, our stakeholders and the environment in which we conduct our business is paramount.

We believe that investing in employee development, data and technology will further the effectiveness of risk management in relation to our assets and operations.

Good corporate governance, transparency, and sustainability are anchored within
our core values and we endeavor to support the communities and environments we work within. This is also reflected in our day-to-day operations .