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ICD (Inland Container Depot )

ICD will control and maintain all container movement-related operational activities such as container gate-in, gate-out, preservation, and placement inside the depot and outside the depot premises. The key role of the ICD department are given below :

1. Collects the empty import container removal list from the main line operators.

2. Immediately Taking necessary removal permission from Port and Custom Authority.

3. Fixed containers location from yard or vessel.

4. Once traced out the containers, the team will send containers to port gate for completing official formalities and send out from port gate to depot.

5. Surveying containers condition whether it is damaged or sound.

6. Preparing a report of removal containers and send it to concerned MLO for necessary update and further action.

7. Sound containers are placed to CFS/Yard.

8. Remove the laden container from CFS/Yard after stuffing.

9. Keeping laden containers in separate yard for smoothly delivery.

10. Empty container repositioning to direct Vessel Loading area.

11.  Communicating with vessel operator for container receiving and delivery.

12. Communicating with Vessel Operator for Laden Container Disposal.

13.  Monitoring container for port removal.

14.  Physical visits at the container Yard for keeping all containers in order.

15.  Providing gate pass for empty and laden container.

16.  Equipment and the operators monitoring.

17.  Keeping all information up-to-date with Port/Custom.

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