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CFS (Container Freight Station )

CFS is stand for Container Freight Station which provide all off-dock facility for decongesting the port. CFS mainly shift cargos and perform custom related activities outside the port area. Container freight stations are deal with bulk cargo for terminating in the immediate traffic of a port. The container freight station gives the service of storing items before they are cleared and transported to ships.

CFS mainly works of storing items like footwear, knitwear, garments, medicines, jute made products, frozen seafood, leather products. This requires all the necessary documents to be submitted to customs and clearing and forwarding who will ensure the export of these items after providing all documents.

Documentation department under CFS checks all the related documents like invoice list, purchase list, bill of landing, country of origin etc. to ensure whether documentation procedures are correctly followed. The vat to be paid is also be settled.

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